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The City Council for the City of Saginaw just recently adopted amendments to the City's Alarm ordinance.
Residents and businesses in the City of Saginaw that have alarm systems will be required to once again
register their burglar alarm systems, even if they have previously registered their systems with the
City of Saginaw. Public Safety responds to roughly 4,300 alarm activations per year, with 95% being
classified as being "false alarm activations". False alarm activations are very costly to every resident
due to the need to response to each, with in many cases multiple personnel and/or equipment. Under the
recently passed City ordinance, alarm registration fees were established as well as penalties for repetitive
false alarm activations that we anticipate will serve to substantially reduce the number of false alarms
that the Police and Fire Departments are required to investigate.

ATB will be sending initial registration invoices to those residents and businesses, which have already been
identified as having burglar alarm systems. Residents and businesses that have a working burglar alarm system
should register on-line by completing the User Registration Form. Inquiries and questions can be directed to
ATB by calling 1-877-356-7607 between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The overall goals of these efforts are targeted at reducing the large number of false alarms received annually
by the Police and Fire departments, thereby allowing these resources to be utilized for other public safety purposes.

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