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ATB Services was founded to provide a comprehensive cost effective service to register, track, and bill a community's false alarm legislation. Rarely is it cost effective for a jurisdiction to create and maintain a system to track and bill for false alarm violations.
It is also cost prohibitive for these communities to hire additional administrative staff to process alarm registration and false alarm tickets.

With ATB Services, a community gets a complete solution to administer the enforcement of your false alarm legislation. How can ATB Services do this? Because we are leveraging our expertise, systems, people, and processes to enforce false alarm legislation for many jurisdictions, thus spreading our infrastructure costs across many jurisdictions to make it feasible and affordable for all communities.

The advantages of ATB Services solutions for a jurisdiction are many. They include:

Reduce false alarm dispatches
Cost effective for a jurisdiction to use ATB Services
Enable the jurisdiction to capture fees to offset the cost of
police and fire resources responding to false alarms
Educating the citizens and businesses of a jurisdiction about
the cost of false alarms and encourage them to reduce them.
Enable the police and fire department to be more effective.
Increase public safety because the probability of an alarm call
being legitimate will increase.
Relieve the City the burden to hire technical and
administration personal
to create and administer a false
alarm tracking and ticketing program.
Alarm Tracking and Billing - Company Overview
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    We did not have
the expertise in-
house to administer
a false alarm
reduction program.
By utilizing ATB
Services we got
access to experts in
the administration
of false alarm
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